Travel Tips for Ormond Beach-Daytona Beach Vacations

  • Take public transportation to the airport. It could cost less to take public transportation or a shuttle than to park. If you have to bring your car, park as close to the terminal as you can, write down the space number on your ticket and take the ticket with you.
  • Pack light. The fewer bags you have, the quicker you can get through the terminal, past security and on board the plane. Try to avoid checking bags if possible. If you are staying in a condo or vacation home, you will be able to do laundry when needed. That also will save you money, since most major U.S. carriers charge to check a first bag and even more to check a second. Strollers and child car seats are typically not charged against your allotted number of carry on bags.
  • Use self-service options. Print your boarding pass out online the night before your trip. If you are in a rush, you can still use a self-service kiosk in the airport. That will save you from standing in a long line to check in at the desk with an agent. When checking bags, use curbside check-in if available. It can make for a quicker walk through the terminal. Remember that curbside has cut-off times before the flight departs — it varies by airport, but is often at least 45 minutes before the flight.
  • Have your ID and boarding pass in your hand as you walk through the security line to show security. Also, take anything loose and put it in a bag. Remember to put your laptop on the conveyor belt separate from the bag it is in. Also make sure that any liquids you have will be allowed through security or are in the right type of or size container. The government rule is one one-quart Ziploc bag for one person, containing liquids and gels in 3-ounce or smaller containers.
  • Traveling at off-peak times will help avoid long security lines. 
  • Wait until you get through security to get a bite to eat. The security line could get longer if you eat before going through. On the other side of security, you can grab some food, take it to the gate and wait to board. 
  • Make the boarding process smooth and listen to the announcements. The quicker you get on, put your carry-on bags in the overhead compartment and buckle your seatbelt, the quicker the plane can take off. Once you reach your row, step into it and out of the aisle so other passengers can get by. That will help make for a quicker departure.
  • Upgrade to business class if you can. It will cost you more, unless you use reward points or credits, though some airlines offer big sales on business class seats. You are the first to get on and the first to get off. Also, there are often special lines at check-in, at security and at the gate for people in business class, depending on the airline and airport. Choose aisle seats. You often can get off quicker than if you are stuck in a middle or window seat.
  •  Consider an alternate airport such as DAB(Daytona Beach) or Sanford.  Some of the secondary airports can save time. The lines can be shorter, the terminals are often smaller and less crowded and parking is easier.

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